Theta/USD Nears $9.50 as It Overcomes a Weekend Slump

Theta/USD Nears .50 as It Overcomes a Weekend Slump
Theta/USD Nears .50 as It Overcomes a Weekend Slump

The THETA/USD rate is on its way up, pushing higher now than it has in the past few weeks. Starting off at $9.05 this morning, it pushed up to $9.23 early in the day, only to come back down by the afternoon. The THETA price even dipped under $9.00 at one point.

Overall, the cryptocurrency is trending up, moving past a low point during the weekend, where it reached $7.55. The dramatic rollercoaster for this crypto coin makes it unstable and an interesting investment. When the THETA/USD rate is still under $10 and increases and decreases in whole dollar amounts can occur in as little as 24 hours, it shows great potential for future growth.

Overall, the coin is trending up from its May low and managed to earn more than 10% during the weekend period. Even though major crypto players like Bitcoin and Ethereum are getting more attention, they are not typically seeing some of the huge movement that THETA is showing.

A Long View of Theta

At #17 overall among cryptocurrencies, THETA can be overlooked but should not be. There is great potential for the coin to really break out, especially since its parent network boasts 100,000 transactions each day and is hosting a large number of NFT trades- a very hot market at the moment.

Many analysts are urging bullish buying on this one, as it was at $0.15 in May and is now nearing $9.50. It reached $14.81 in April, which was its all-time high, and there is no reason to think that it might not surpass that in the near future. It may prove to be a great investment for anyone opting in now and holding onto Theta until another major market shift like we saw at the beginning of this year.



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