Miami’s mayor initiates support for Chinese bitcoin miners

Miami’s mayor initiates support for Chinese bitcoin miners
Miami’s mayor initiates support for Chinese bitcoin miners

Miami’s Mayor, Francis Suarez, is showing support for China’s BTC miners by opening the doors after Beijing’s strict regulations have lead to miners migrate from their country.

Not only Beijing is affected, but also Sichuan province, where one of the major crypto mining hubs (Ya’an) is located. Ya’an is rich in hydroelectric power stations and Chinese crypto miners enjoy cheap electricity during the rainy season. Unfortunately, a power station has been shut down for inspection.

Nuclear Power from Miami, Florida

Bitcoin mining in Miami is possible, as it relies on nuclear power as a source of clean and inexpensive energy. Chinese miners must grab this big opportunity, as it promotes green energy and it will not lead to any harmful effects on the environment. This is the reason why Florida is the second-largest power generator that utilizes nuclear energy.

Mayor Suarez hasn’t received any calls from Chinese miners yet, but he is looking forward to it, as it will provide beneficial support, such as the promotion of the city’s unlimited supply of cheap nuclear energy.

Regarding nuclear energy, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also agreed with the use of this energy source, among others. In a statement to CNBC’s Squawk Box, he said: “You know, coal plants, coal particles and natural gas pipelines are blowing up. The deaths per unit of power on these other approaches are far higher.”

Since Bitcoin mining is an energy-intensive process, miners can benefit from Miami’s efficient and inexpensive clean energy. Using nuclear energy and plants is significantly beneficial to our planet, which makes it less harmful to the environment.

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